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Extreme Power Carvers -- Rod Green
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Carving out his niche: Chain saw artist amazes crowd with unique skill
Rod Green, of Florida, creates a bear with a chain saw Friday at the Warren County Fair. Green's work is a paid attraction and is sold at silent auction to raise money for the fair. Dennis Grundman/Daily
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FRONT ROYAL -- Rod Green can make a pretty mean-looking bear out of a pine log.
Green, 52, of Myakka City, Fla., is a member of a group of woodcarvers known as "Masters of the chain saw" and he lived up to that billing Friday at the 53rd Annual Warren County Fair.
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Event Review
I just wanted to touch base with feedback from our festival and the chainsaw carving. Rod was great and put on a fantastic show. He was personable and his shows were very well attended. After his first carving on Saturday, they were buying his carvings before he did them. He ended selling everything which was great. It was a good addition to our festival and you can pencil us in for next year. I would like to request Rod again if possible.I will confirm after our next meeting maybe I can talk them into 2 carvers next year.

John LoDolce
Exhibit Specialist
U.S. Forest Service
Grey Towers National Hist. Site
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