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X-Treme Gear - RedMax G3200 CV Carving Saw
Americas First and Only Chainsaw made for Carving

The finest detail saw you will ever use


The G3200 CV Carver Model Chainsaw Story

     In 2003, Brian Ruth was in Japan performing at Japans 3rd National Competition that he helped the chainsaw art club organize. He was also there teaching the art of chainsaw carving in the local community of Toei. He was presented a prototype chainsaw to use while he was in Japan. The saw was Zenoah Komatsu’s newest saw and as of yet still not available in the marketplace. The company’s only request in exchange for the saw was an honest assessment of the saws handling and performance.
     The saw was like nothing the carver had ever handled before. Not only did the saw walk the fine line between weight and power but its balance and handling made it easy to feel comfortable using almost immediately. Brian returned home to the US with a saw he would use daily throughout his summer tour.
      Returning to Japan in 2004, he was anxious to speak with Zenoah Komatsu representatives about the new little red saw. Knowing this company’s equipment is distributed in the US as RedMax, he asked when the saw would be available in the states.
The disappointing response was that they had no plans to introduce the saw to the US market. Brian knew the saw would be incredibly popular with the carving world and tried to convince the company reps that they would have an immediate audience with carvers. They did not budge on their position.
     He then traveled to Kawagoe to Zenoah Komatsu’s factory in order to meet with additional corporate officers. They agreed to set up a meeting in the US with RedMax corporate directors. A few months later, despite his best efforts to convince now both RedMax and Zenoah Komatsu that they could sell this saw to carvers, they remained steadfast in their position. As the meeting was concluding, Brian posed the question, “What if I were to sell this saw to carvers”? This seemed to be the solution to the problem for everyone.
     The original G3200 EZ saw was lightened by leaving off a couple homeowner bells and whistles that carvers would not need and set up with the highest quality carving bar and quarter pitch chain.
…..and so the G3200 CV carver model was born, as well as Chainsaw Masters International LLC., the corporation that sells the saw.


  To date, hundreds of saws are helping carvers create art in the US, Canada and Europe, including:
Erik Widitz
Dayton Scoggins 
Ben Risney
Brian Sprauge
Steve Backus 
Rick Woodward
Mark Tyoe
Ken Sheen, Canada
Barry Frank
Nyal Thomas
Brett McLain
Harry Thomas,Wales
 Rick Boni
Stephanie Huber, Germany
Glenn Greensides
Zoe Boni
Angie Polglaze  
Collin Partridge  
Joe Rego
Sebastian Seifert, Germany 
Susan Miller   
Joe King
Jerry Schieffer
Milt Lowden
Blaine Blake, B.C.
Heath Bender
Hillary Bender
Alicia Charlton
James Bowman
Gordon Cook
Cowboy Rick Cox
Edgard Diaz
Pat Doyle
Dave Ferguson
Jerry "Granpa Elf" France
Elmer Hickey
Dale Hatfield
Lone Wolf Ed Howell
Eddie Hoots
Bob Huff
Dave Lavoie
Mal McEwen
Masa Nagahara
Steve Nilson
Brian Parr
Doug Ricks
Matt Smith
Cindra Servis
Don Winner
  Outstanding Notable Features:
  • Introduced in Japan in 2003 it won the Good Design Award
    • Sleek rounded design is small and lightweight
    • Long rear handle affords excellent control
  • Patented Dust Free Air intake
    • Separates out dust using a centrifugal method, thus taking in only clean air
    • Air cleaner maintenance intervals are significantly lengthened.
  • One touch tool less cylinder cover
    • Air cleaner cover can be easily opened without tools
    • The unit's air cleaner is of high quality mesh.
  • Original Hybrid engine case
    • For reduction in size and weight, and increased durability
    • Change in center of gravity significantly reduces vibration
  • Worlds first idle start chainsaw
    • Chain does not move at time of start-up
  G3200 CV Specifications:

Engine Type:


2 Cycle

Engine Displacement:


1.9 cu. in., 31.8 cc

Engine Power:


1.8 HP, 1.4(1.8) kw(PS)

Engine Speed:


12500 RPM

Dry Weight:


7.5 lbs., 3.4 kg.



Diaphragm with Purge Pump

Ignition System:


Solid State

Fuel Capacity:


9.1 fl. Oz., .27 lit.

Oil Capacity:


6.8 fl. Oz., .20 lit.

Oiling System:


Automatic, Adjustable

Guide Bar:


12” Dime tip Sugihara Bar



Oregon 25AP 68 Drive link

Chain Brake:


Dual activated

  View the Flyer for the RedMax G3200CV carving chainsaw
  Retail and Purchase Information:

Retail price for the RedMax G3200CV carver model with 12 inch carving bar and chain is $379.95 US dollars.

The saw is available exclusively from Chainsaw Masters Int. LLC.
Unfortunately, corporate regulations prohibit the sale of this saw via the internet alone so you will have to contact Brian or one of Chainsaw Masters distribution points managers to complete your purchase.

Eastern US –Brian Ruth         1(800)901-7469     jen@chainsaw.net
Mid-west - Jerry Schieffer      1(262)363-2250     gschieffer@wi.rr.com
West Coast - Nyal Thomas     1(425)345-9621     nlaljr1@verizon.net

Please directed international sales to Brian Ruth 1(610)390-7703 jen@chainsaw.net