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Masters of the Chainsaw
Powered by Husqvarna
Established 1992
Masters of the Chainsaw is a limited group of the nation’s top professional chainsaw sculptors, dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form and it’s performance. During a forty five-minute show, from behind protective netting, onlookers will observe an original and captivating high-energy performance. With chain saw roaring and chips flying, our carvers' precision and skill quickly transforms a three-foot tall log into a true work of art. Nearly every show will result with a chainsaw carving being-produced from start to finish, with as many as four chainsaw carvings per day and shows lasting up to an hour. The best part of the entire package is that by retaining the carvings for an auction, your event can recoup the cost of the carver and even profit handsomely. What other act gives you that?
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CHAINSAW   CHIX    ROCK  !                              Released   2007
Chainsaw Chix Carve up Baltimore


Have you ever seen a Chainsaw Chick?
How about a whole team of them?

We have hand selected top female artists from across the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.

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The first and only Competitive Chainsaw Sculpting Association Worldwide.
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OCTOBER 2, 2010

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ALICIA Charlton from Canada named Overall Champ !
                      CHAINSAW     CHIX 

               CARVING    COMPETITION  

              AUG 13-15th, 2009
Augusta County Fair - Verona, VA.

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                  X-TREME POWER     CHAINSAW  CARVING                        COMPETITIONS -
Schnecksville, PA Results and More>>>

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Thunder over Augusta
Chainsaw Chix carved for Armed Forces Day! - Saturday May, 17th 2008
Powered by Husqvarna.
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» "Thousands Turn Out to Salute..."
Steve Backus’ TV commercial
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to order :

"The Homeowners Complete Guide to the Chainsaw " by Brian and Jen Ruth

Marty Long News Article
"Chainsaw sculptor turns tree into art"

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KG wins Germany's Husky Cup Again!!
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Chainsaw Chix at 2007 OPE and GIE
Chainsaw Chix Powered by Husqvarna
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BRIAN RUTH set to compete Sept. 23, 24, 25th, 2010 in The European Chainsaw Carving Championship hosted at the APF 2010

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A special thank you to Husqvarna UK for the sponsorship !
X-Treme champ performs
STIHL-life carvings

ST. CHARLES – Out of a shower of wood chips and sawdust and the roar of a chainsaw, a head and face took shape in what previously was a featureless, 4-foot section of tree trunk.
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Chainsaw Sculptor Makes a Pig at the Fair While Real Pigs Race Each Other

A Chainsaw Chix and one of the Masters of the Chainsaw let the blades rip Thursday at the state fair. The married couple, Brian and Jen Ruth, grabbed an array of Husqvarna chainsaws and created wood sculptures outside the Youth Building.
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The most riveting and jaw dropping show is that of the skill work from a professional chainsaw sculptor. We cater to the masses by our intense and eye catching shows from taking and ordinary 3 foot log and turn it into a true piece of art to be enjoyed for many years. Sculpting wood is not an easy task and our professional chainsaw wood sculptors have mastered this art by carefully learning how to carve a masterpiece out of a piece of wood with the worlds most dangerous power tool -the chainsaw.

We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form of wood carving and its performance.

Each of our chainsaw wood carving shows can last anywhere from 45 minutes to one full hour, but each minute that goes by will reveal the secret surprise of what the chainsaw artist is creating. Chainsaw art is a worthwhile investment because anything can be created out of wood and our wood carvings will stand any kind of weather element ,if treated with care. Our professional wood carvers are part of a limited number of wood carvers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

You have a variety of option when booking a performance chainsaw sculptor. You even have one where the event can retain the artwork created in order to raise money for your fund and even pay the fee for your professional carver.
In any given day, our professional chainsaw wood carvers can make 3-4 pieces, all of a different theme.

We cater to a variety of shows- from fairs, to trade shows, to grand openings and private events.

For the most X-Treme and crowd drawing spectacle, you need to book an X-TREME POWER CARVING COMPETITION!

Masters of the Chainsaw USA was established in 1992. In 2000, Masters of the Chainsaw Toei Japan was launched and in 2007, we released The Chainsaw Chix. The Chainsaw Chix are first female team of performance chainsaw artists. We have maintained a successful reputation as a premier location for chainsaw wood carvings and professional sculptors. Please feel free to browse our website for photo galleries and videos of events that we’ve been honored to be a part of. Our prices of our services are competitive, but the actual shows we give can’t be beat . We can almost guarantee a successful event. We are a premier location for professional and excellent wood carving and chainsaw art.  Call us today to book our services for your next event.
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